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Friday, April 21, 2017


Propaganda kristian.

Tanpa disedari,  demi kepuasan anak, kita terperangkap dalam propaganda kristian untuk mendidik anak2 muslim kita agar mencintai nabi isa (jesus) lebih dari nabi muhammad S. A. W.  Permainan kanak-kanak ini akan memainkan lagu apabila duit 50sen dimasukkan. Tanpa ibu bapa sedar antara lagu y kerap dimainkan adalah lagu " i love jesus". Mendengar melodi lagu ini sangat mengasyikkan dan senang untuk kita ikut diluar kesedaran waras kita.  Oleh itu  secara tanpa sedar, hati anak2 kita akan berdengup menyanyikan senikata dan melodi yang dialunkan. Satu hal lagi yang menyedihkan adalah apabila waktu azan dialunkan,  ada segelintir ibu bapa tanpa mempedulikan azan yang dialunkan dari surau yang terdekat tetap berusaha untuk mengembirakan anak dengan membiarkan mereka bermain tanpa berusaha untuk memujuk anak mereka dari bermain.  Oleh itu,  para ibubapa jangan salahkan anak sekiranya hati mereka menjadi kelabu dan susah untuk menerima hidayah jika ini adalah didikkan anda.  Renungkan bersama.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Forget me NOT

What should I say when someone asking me :

1) How your life?
2) Are you ok?
3) What happen with your life recently?
4) anything good in your life?

The truth  answers that I would like to say is:

1) my life is very sad, depressed, stress, not meaningful et al.
2) I am not OK. very not OK
3) Nothing particular. just breathing every day, act to be strong.
4) Nothing. nothing et al.

But I cannot just say that because in this age
everyone is struggling
everyone is depressed
then,others life might be worst than me.

Hence, I have to make my life being meaningful, beautiful and wonderful.
I have to make sure the precious person that see me as great person doesn't lose hope in me
I have to ensure nothing will make me lose hope in life
So that, I will be not forgotten when someday I leave this world.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

dahan untuk berpaut

ta daaa....

lama betul tak update cerita, berita , merapu etc kat sini.


tak de la sibuk sampai x de masa nk mengupdate blog.

cuma mood x de. sbb jd macam layang2 yang terbang tinggi dilangit yang hanya bergantung pada tali tangsi yang halus untuk kekal disana. yang bila-bila2 masa saja boleh putus. Jadinya, layang2 itu hanya mampu terumbang ambing diudara mengikut gerak angin. oleh itu mood tu swing sikit...

nak lepaskan tali tu....huhu...x berani den....sbb den x de dahan untuk berpaut....hanya menanti masa ja pemegang tali tu tarik turun perlahan-lahan...

harap2...dapatla mendarat ke bumi dengan selamat sebelum terbang kembali.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Human touch

Nowadays, we are lacking the human touch. In every aspect of life, we are missing it.
It is hard to preserve the human touch even though we needs it.
Human touch just only can been feel by heart. The sincerely of the heart to do something or have done something. Can not be measured by anything. The sincerely also only can been feel by heart.that make the human touch are sentiment and special.
But sometimes..once on the blue moon, the human touch can be killer...too much or too less human touch could brought damage and dangerous  our daily life. So the sufficient of human touch is important to make our lives wonderful and beautiful like are rainbow

My Job is Study

Last week,i have a fate to have a little chat with my neighbor. Why i said fate, because it is a rare opportunity we can chat. She was busy with her housework as a mom for three kid and nanny for a few others children. It is very busy work. More busy than me. I admit it.
Ok. Back to the topic. My neighbor (herein kak A) ask me either i am busy recently since everyday i go out from house. This is because mostly i am staying at house 3 or 4 day,each or more. Two week is normally. I said yes, i have outside job that need me to go out. Then kak A asking that study is hard work...means we are really busy. Then i said that it just like we are working. If we are go office at 8 and back at 5 ,does it considered busy?actually it is depend on ourself. If it not important so we said we are busy. As said as Bahrudin Bekri in one of his novel...if i am not mistaken, the novel title is "Lelaki berbaju merah".but here is not the main story that i want to said here.
The conversation was rewind me back to 1999, when my father started given me allowance RM 10 per week. This is a lot during that time ok. As automatically,my mind set that my father is my boss, he pay me go to school and study. I never asked for extra for five years even i have a extra class since i go back home for lunch. But i will claimed if i buy booked or anything that related to study. So that day, my job as a student was started until now.
This thought that make me never felt bored or think that study is burden but it also not the enjoy thing. But same like working,not many of us that can work in our interest field. Sometime we just don't know that field or that position is exist. But we can fall in love with our job eventually. At the end we can manage and that job be a part of our lives. Be the main schedule in our daily life. The most important thing, that job become  more important than our parents,husband and kid. They all will be a number 2,3 or more. Don't said that this is not. When you wake up, what is first thing that u think. I have to wake up. I have a meting today, i have to finished yesterday report i have to that and i have to this. Kid we just brought to nanny or pay the caretaker.husband just do it yourself, not only you working, i am also working so we must share the responsibility. Mom and dad, of course we don't call everyday and if we are stay together they serve us not us serve them. For this generation, we are mostly lucky because our parent has a pencen or not working hard like previous generation. But in our plan what we want to archieved today is work....

So how i am want to work? I am still can't accept the reality that i have to face this situation. Officially Working. What position? What?and what? Don't work don't have money...don't have i want to survive....aishhhhh... I am still not mature enough to accept this reality.